Saturday, October 30, 2010

How virgin is our extra virgin olive oil?

In order to minimise my MS, I have recently started following the Overcoming MS approach. This includes a diet with very limited saturated and altered fats, which means a shift to cold-pressed oils and pretty much exclusive use of extra virgin olive oil for cooking purposes. Imagine my surprise to read Choice Magazine's rather damning review of the 'virgin' status of many extra virgin olive oils on the Australian market. The facts are here. Thanks to Robskee for pointing this out. I am going to rethink my consumption choices (yet again - sigh) based on this information.


  1. Yes, I saw the Choice magazine review too. Really interesting. You are going to be the healthiest person in Australia (and hopefully be MS free too).

  2. :) I'm hoping I won't be obsessing about all things MS soon!