Friday, July 16, 2010

Holiday goals

Well, it's been a long time between posts. Work has been a bitch and I have only just managed to crawl over the finish line to 10 blissful days of annual leave. 'Work-life balance' and 'flexible working hours' are myths perpetuated by those who want to keep us switched on at all times. I am knackered! The good news is that, through all this, I have managed to continue with my commitment to exercise and good eating. Sixteen kilos down now :)

To celebrate time off, I plan to do a bit of everything I like. My holiday goals:

1. Cook a new recipe every day
2. Plant some stuff, prune some stuff
3. Go to the gym every day that I am home (having two nights away)
4. Read at least two crappy novels and one more serious one
5. Sleep a lot
6. See at least two movies



  1. Love a list. They are some seriously ambitious holiday goals! I reckon if I achieved one of those I'd be pretty happy..that said it does sound like a nice 10 days. Enjoy! I'm trying to do lots of planting/pruing too - planted radishes, silverbeet and pruned the rosemary hedge this arvo.

  2. Thanks Lanie. It's a big list, but I think I can do it. Good luck with the new plantings. How did you end up going with your jiffy pots?