Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Veggie Box

We've recently had this old apple crate installed as a raised bed in our garden. It's only 120x120cm, but the benefits are that it's free and clear of our dog and her toiletry habits and the height allows me to do my favourite kind of gardening without bending over. For some reason, bending to weed etc wreaks havoc on my neurological pathways, activating my MS symptoms something awful.

So far, I have planted six broccoli seedlings and, from seed, English spinach, carrots, rainbow chard, coriander, beetroots, lettuces, and leeks. Everything has germinated and seems to be coming along well (the broccoli is already getting inundated with cabbage moth eggs; fortunately, with a crop of six, I can obsessively clean the leaves). Next month, I will plant garlic and snow peas. This is going to be one full planter box. We are already talking about buying two more...

Pictures of veggies coming soon

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