Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random pleasantness

On the train on my way to work this morning, I felt a warm  snuffling on my ankle and realised there was a guide dog under the seat beneath me. He was a gorgeous glossy black labrador with big feet and a wet nose. I have always taken very seriously the message not to engage with guide-dogs while they are on duty. Does sleeping on the train count as being on duty? I don't really know, but this was the existential internal dialogue I was having as the dog snored, sighed, rolled and stretched out across my feet. We stayed that way for the 20 minute trip into the city; me, sitting stock still in fear that I might interfere with his duties, him just enjoying a good nap. It was a funny situation, but I really enjoyed being a guide dog cushion for a while. When I got home this afternoon, my own dogs gave me the once-over. They were less impressed with my disloyalty!


  1. I love it. I find it so difficult not to pat or engage with guide dogs. I too am very careful not to...but they are always such beautiful dogs. I think that you acted with great restraint not to pat him/her! I'm sure that it's nap on your feet gave it a happy warm feeling as it embarked on it's next task. As I write this, I have Dudley (who is half lab - half poodle) lying on my feet snoring.